Call for Abstracts!


2024 Call for Abstracts for Workshops or Posters
41st Annual Meeting of the Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators
Sunday September 29 to Wednesday October 2, 2024
Grand Hyatt Washington
Washington, DC

Deadline: April 22, 2024 at 11:59pm ET 

The Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA) is a professional membership association representing the greatest expertise in the fields of radiation oncology management and administration. Our strength comes from the interactions with and communication among our members. We invite you to share your knowledge, skills, experiences, and expertise with your colleagues by presenting a workshop or poster.

Our members and the SROA community represent a vast array of knowledge and experience – we owe it to one another to use this time together to share our expertise. The Society believes these interactive relationships and shared knowledge benefit not only the members, but the oncology profession generally, and ultimately the cancer patients we serve.

This year our Planning Committee is specifically looking for submissions regarding these topics:

  • Staff retention ideas (outside the box) / staff morale
  • Burnout          
  • Working smarter not harder with less staff
  • How will AI impact RO?       
  • Quality projects         
  • AI within oncology
  • Project management  
  • Hypofractionation – what we need to know, billing impacts, revenue impacts
  • Physicists and Dosimetrists - state of the career paths, salary patterns, employment patterns  
  • Tips for managing clinical and basic science research in your department  
  • Physician management tips   

We also welcome any abstract that address a topic of interest for radiation oncology administrators.


In order to be considered for CE credits, a workshop session must be a total time of 60 minutes (including questions). Presentations must be 45-55 minutes in length with 5-15 minutes allowed for questions accordingly. If you believe that 60 minutes is not sufficient time to cover all of the material in your presentation, you may submit a second abstract for a continuation of the presentation.

The Program Committee has identified five tracks for workshops/presentations including:

“Business & Leadership” provides new and more experienced administrators with information on topics such as financial management, human resource management and planning.

Some topics that fall within this track are: recruitment & staffing, how to manage people, doing more with less/efficiency, burnout, balancing the need for staff learning and competency when faced with high volumes, increasing workloads, advancing technology and burnout due to lowered reimbursement and hospital budgets, and contract negotiations.

“Technology, Clinical & Ancillary Services” provides attendees with information and insights into leading-edge services, equipment, and systems.

Some topics that fall within this track are: EMR and the importance of an IT designate, use of PetCT in radiation oncology, proton therapy, and keeping up with technological advancements.

“Payer Trends” addresses the complexities of radiation oncology financial reimbursement.

Some topics that fall within this track are: keeping up to date on billing changes, APM changes, and associated reimbursement changes, RO APM, managing the ongoing issues with pre-authorizing treatments for patients and changes to billing & coding, understanding the changing reimbursement landscape, (ie; bundled payments, APM, etc.) with usable, valuable data and how to use that data, and the balance between hypofractionation and payments and reimbursement.

“Quality & Safety” addresses areas such as quality management, benchmarking, performance measurement, corporate compliance activities, and safety.

Some topics that fall within this track are: accreditation, how to meet patient satisfaction with budget cuts, defining staffing benchmark, how to create staff culture for patient-centered care, adaptive planning in a changing environment, physician burn-out, and evaluating the appropriate dollar value in disease management reimbursement.

"Nursing" addresses areas such as Clinical Flow, Patient Education, Survivorship, Patient Engagement, Triage, Multi-disciplinary Clinics, Patient Care Management.

Some topics that fall within this track are: the role of nurse practitioners in radiation oncology practices, nurse navigators, nursing models in radiation oncology (team sport vs. primary RN/MD pairings, etc.), and RN staffing and professional development

Check out this resource on guidelines for submitting a nursing abstract. Click here.


Poster presentations are available for those who wish to present but are unable to commit to a full workshop. Please follow the same guidlines for workshops above.

Please note:

  • All submissions are scored by blind review by the SROA Program Committee.
  • An individual may not submit more than three abstracts for consideration.
  • Those selected to present a workshop or poster are expected to attend the annual meeting in person.
  • Sponsorship or SROA membership is not required to submit an abstract.
  • Workshop speakers must agree to provide a PDF of their slides or a handout with relevant information to attendees.
  • An abstract must be completed in full for consideration. Changes made to the submitted abstract, including, but not limited to, change or addition of speakers, change of topic, or new materials, must be submitted for review. 

Submit your abstract by April 22, 2024, at 11:59 pm ET.


Please view an example abstract here!