2020 SROA
Annual Meeting

October 24-26, 2020

Workshop Presenter Toolkit

Presentation Guidelines and Upload Instructions

Speaker Agreement Form/Conflict of Interest/Faculty Disclosure Form: Deadline July 10, 2020
           - To fill out form, click here
Registration: Deadline: August 24, 2020
Video Session Recording: Deadline: September 21, 2020
           - A copy of your PowerPoint Presentation needs to be submitted at the time you record.
           - Once you have recorded and submitted your session, your recording is FINAL and can not
              be re-recorded or edited.

A total time of 60 minutes is allotted for the session. Total presentation time is 50 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. In order to comply with CE requirements this time format MUST be followed.

ALL presenters participating in CE activities are required to state whether any commercial or financial relationships might directly or indirectly relate to the subject of their presentations. Whether or not such a relationship exists, presenters are required to make a statement in writing before their presentation, as well as announcing it at the time of their presentation. The intent of this policy is not to prevent a speaker with a financial relationship from making a presentation rather SROA seeks transparency. Any relationship should be identified openly so that participants may form their own judgment about the presentation with the full disclosure of the facts.

The second slide of your presentation, the slide immediately following your title slide, MUST be a disclaimer about any actual or perceived conflict of interest. If you are giving multiple presentations, the slide must be included in each presentation.

To help you meet this requirement, please include this PowerPoint template. If you do not show this slide, a member of the Program Committee (or your session greeter) will interrupt your presentation to be sure you verbally disclose your status. We prefer that this not be necessary.

Your slides will be included with your presentation on the virtual meeting platform. Here are some tips for creating engaging handouts.

Session Recording Information

Sessions for the SROA Virtual Meeting will be pre­recorded and replayed live with the speaker participating in a live Q & A at the end to answer any questions. Speakers have the option of recording the session themselves or working with our team at IMS TS to record.

1.    If you would like to have IMS TS record your session (recommended), you can schedule a time
       to record with IMS TS here: SignUpGeniusLink
       a. All recorded sessions must be completed and submitted by September 21, 2020.
       b. Once you have recorded and submitted your session, your recording is FINAL and can not
           be re-recorded or edited.

2.    If you wish to record your own session: Please click HERE to upload your session and any
       additional show related content no later than September 21, 2020.
       a.  Please be sure to label your video file with your name and your presentation title.
       b.  You can record your session on any platform to submit it. Please refer to the best practices
       c.  If we do not receive your recorded session/PowerPoint by September 21, 2020, then your
            session will not be presented at the SROA Conference.
       d.  Once you have recorded and submitted your session, your recording is FINAL and can not
            be re-recorded or edited.

Please refer to the following information from IMS Technology Services on best practices for recording a virtual meeting session:

1.    Choose a quiet area to present from away from any noise or distraction as much as possible.
2.    Please connect your computer to the internet with a hard­wired network cable if possible. Wi­Fi
       connections are acceptable, but wired is preferred.
3.    Wear clothes with solid neutral colors. Avoid plaid and tight patterns.
4.    Avoid bright or busy backgrounds.
5.    It is best to face a window or light, do not have lights or open windows behind you in the
       camera shot.
6.    Keep the webcam on your laptop or desktop computer at eye level. This can easily be
       accomplished, by placing a book or box under your laptop.
7.    Close all non­essential programs such as email, and disconnect from VPN if possible.  If you
       have not restarted your computer during the day of the event, please reboot it prior to starting
       the conference.
8.    Depending on your web conference software, please use the program’s application, versus
       the web browser based version. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting. etc. should open the event link in
       their application or prompt you to download it. If you use your phone, please be sure it is held in
9.    If possible, wear headphones or earbuds to hear the other end of the web conference. If you
       are not using headphones, please keep the sound coming from your speakers at a minimal
       level to avoid echo.
10.  During your talk, you can keep your slides, script or notes in front of you on your desktop
       display. This will allow you to minimize the web conferencing software during your talk.

Speaker Registration

In appreciation for your participation at the 2020 Annual Meeting, SROA will present you with a special discounted registration to the meeting (maximum two speakers per session). Instructions for registering using a special promotion code will be sent once registration opens. If you have any questions, please contact SROA at info@sroa.org.