2021 SROA
Annual Meeting

October 24-26, 2021

Workshop Presenter Toolkit

Presentation Guidelines and Upload Instructions

Speaker Agreement Form/Conflict of Interest/Faculty Disclosure Form: Deadline June 17, 2021
           - To fill out form, click here
Registration: Deadline: August 26, 2021
PowerPoint Presentation: Deadline: September 16, 2021

A total time of 60 minutes is allotted for the session. Total presentation time is 50 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. In order to comply with CE requirements this time format MUST be followed.

ALL presenters participating in CE activities are required to state whether any commercial or financial relationships might directly or indirectly relate to the subject of their presentations. Whether or not such a relationship exists, presenters are required to make a statement in writing before their presentation, as well as announcing it at the time of their presentation. The intent of this policy is not to prevent a speaker with a financial relationship from making a presentation rather SROA seeks transparency. Any relationship should be identified openly so that participants may form their own judgment about the presentation with the full disclosure of the facts.

The second slide of your presentation, the slide immediately following your title slide, MUST be a disclaimer about any actual or perceived conflict of interest. If you are giving multiple presentations, the slide must be included in each presentation.

To help you meet this requirement, please use this SROA approved PowerPoint template. Slide two is the disclosure. If you do not show this slide, a member of the Program Committee (or your session greeter) will interrupt your presentation to be sure you verbally disclose your status. We prefer that this not be necessary.

SROA does not print any presenter slides for attendees. Instead your slides will be downloadable as a PDF file in a password-protected area of the SROA website so registrants can print them at home, bring them to your presentation, and follow along and make notes as you speak. If you do not provide a copy of your slides, you must, at a minimu, provide a handout with relevant informaiton. Here are some tips for creating engaging handouts.

Presentations are due Tuesday, September 16, 2021. If you make updates to your slides after that date, they can still be updated using the following instructions:

  • Download the SROA 2021 Annual Meeting PowerPoint template to ensure all presentations are unified under the conference/theme
  • Save final version using the following naming convention: SROA 2021_Speaker Last Name_Presentation Number
  • Upload instructions (click here for screenshot instructions):
    • Login to MY SROA CONFERENCE with your username and password
    • Under your name and ID you will see a section with your presenter information, click the Upload Presentation button
    • Follow the instructions to upload a .pdf version of your presentation (NOTE: Whatever file type you upload will be downloadable by attendees. We recommend uploading a .pdf)
    • Upon successful submission of a file you will see your presentation in the section where the Upload Presentation button used to be.

BE SURE TO BRING YOUR PRESENTATION ON A FLASHDRIVE TO THE MEETING. You will upload your slides directly to the laptop in the room assigned to your presentation before your session. AV staff will be available to help.

NOTE: To support greener, more sustainable conference practices we will not provide hard copies of presentation materials. Materials will be available through the SROA Conference mobile site for attendees' use before and after the conference. Please upload your presentations and materials by September 16th. Speakers must have agreed to provide a PDF of their slides or a handout with relevant information in order to be selected.

Be advised that the biggest request and complaint from meeting participants is when the presentations are not available. Speakers must have agreed to provide a PDF of their slides or a handout with relevant information in order to be selected. If you do not submit your materials, we will advise participants to contact you directly to obtain a copy of your materials. Additionally, it may impact your participation in future SROA Annual Meetings.

AV Requirements

All rooms will be equipped with a Windows computer, a computerized projection system for PowerPoint presentations, a slide advancer and a podium with a microphone. If you require additional AV equipment and it was not noted on your abstract submission, please contact info@sroa.org.

Please note the following and be sure to talk to AV staff no less than 24 hours prior to your presentation if you have the following:

  1. For presentations with embedded VIDEO or AUDIO:
    It is highly recommended that we review these presentations no less than 24hrs prior to your actual presentation. An AV Technician will be available to quickly test your presentation and solve any AV issues regarding the presentation.
  2. If you are presenting from a Mac laptop you must bring your av adapter with you! These are not available onsite. This adapter is the extended display adapter you received with your original Mac laptop or computer allowing you to send video out to another device.

Changes to Sessions

If there is any change to your session it must be approved by SROA Staff. Depending on the timing of the change relative to CE credit approval your change may or may not be accommodated. Please contact info@sroa.org immediately if there are any changes including speakers, additional speakers, session description, or AV needs.

Speaker Registration

In appreciation for your participation at the 2021 Annual Meeting, SROA will present you with a special discounted registration to the meeting (maximum two speakers per session). The registration includes a ticket to the Business Luncheon, the Quality Luncheon and the President’s Party on Tuesday evening. Instructions for registering using a special promotion code will be sent once registration opens. If you are only attending the conference to present and do not wish to participate in any other sessions or social functions, please contact SROA at info@sroa.org.

Housing and Travel Information

SROA has reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton Chicago at a special rate available to SROA attendees. Additional information to follow.

We are sorry, but the SROA does not reimburse workshop speakers for travel or per diem expenses.


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