About Us

Since 1984, the Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA) has provided a supportive network of expertise for radiation oncology administrators to improve and advance their management of organizational operations, finance, research and human resources. As a necessary membership association catering to a niche profession, SROA provides the most current, relevant, and helpful information that impacts radiation oncology practices and departments on a daily basis—whether in a hospital, university, or freestanding environment.

By actively participating in our organization and networking with fellow members for advice, ideas, and troubleshooting, you’ll find many ways to capitalize on the opportunities SROA offers.

From our Annual Meeting to our online community forum—SROA Connect—and popular resources like the Billing and Coding Special Edition, SROA membership offers indispensable value that will guide your efforts to implement continual enhancements in radiation oncology. You’ll also have numerous chances to connect with contributing members and service providers—from equipment manufacturers to staffing agencies and billing consultants—who offer the expertise to elevate your organization’s workflows and processes.

Use SROA as your most reliable resource to execute and invent best practices in the highly specialized field of radiation oncology administration. From managing constant changes in technology and regulations to hiring better candidates to applying improved workflows and doing more with less—you’ll find the answers you need to help you do your job more effectively.