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As a membership association serving a niche profession, the Society for Radiation Oncology Administrators (SROA) provides an essential network of expertise and resources for radiation oncology administrators to improve and advance their management of organizational operations, finance, research and human resources.

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Membership Benefits:

From our Annual Meeting to SROA Connect and essential resources like the Billing and Coding Special Edition, SROA provides the most current, relevant, and helpful information that impacts radiation oncology practices and departments on a daily basis—whether in a hospital, university, or freestanding environment.

SROA members enjoy a variety of benefits including:

  • Complimentary Webinars
  • Career Center
  • Complimentary Online Subscriptions to Radiation Oncology News for Administrators, the Society's official newsletter, and current news articles about Radiation Oncology
  • Discounted registration fees for the SROA Annual Meeting & access to select meeting presentations from the Annual Meeting
  • Monthly educational opportunities
    • Webinars
    • Podcasts
    • Blogs
  • Online Member Network including:
    • SROA Connect
    • Member Directory: A searchable online member directory
    • Online Publications: Oncology News for Administrators Online Archive
    • Access to Benchmarking Survey Participation and Results
    • Web Links to Resources for Radiation Oncology Administrators

Types of Membership:

With a passionate and committed network of radiation oncology administrators, SROA continues to build a legacy that empowers those working in the field, improves the quality of care for patients, and ensures the sustainability of radiation oncology practices.

Active Member

An active member is a person whose primary profession is one that works for or directly supports a radiation oncology service provider. Active members have all the privileges of membership, including making motions, voting, serving on committees and holding office.

Contributing Member

A contributing member is a person who is not eligible for active membership but who wishes to contribute toward the goals of SROA, such as those employed by consulting and commercial firms that offer products and services directly relating to oncology. Contributing members may not make motions, vote, or hold office, but they enjoy all other benefits of membership; i.e., serve on committees.

Retired Member

A retired member is a person who has been an active SROA member for at least 5 years, at least 55 years of age, is retired from the Radiation Oncology profession, and cannot qualify for any other membership category. Retired members will have all the privileges of membership, excluding the ability to make motions, vote and hold office.

Special Member

A Special Member is a person who is a citizen and resident of a country classified as Low Human Development as identified by the United Nations. [Refer to the most current United Nations Human Development Report, Human Development Index for a list of countries.]

Honorary Member

The Board may, in its sole discretion and by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, confer honorary membership upon any person who has rendered distinguished service to SROA. Honorary members may not make motions, vote, or hold office, unless they are also active members, but they enjoy all other benefits of membership.


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Annual Membership Dues are established by the Board of Directors.

The membership year is July - June. SROA does not pro-rate dues.

Current annual dues for Active Members: $250; for Contributing Members: $330; for Special Members: $27; for Retired Members: $105.


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What our Members are Saying:

The biggest benefit (of SROA) is the ability to pick up a phone and call a colleague to bounce an idea, challenge or problem off them and they will be keenly familiar with the topic. Although the programs have been very good, I believe the social aspects of SROA meetings are truly valuable to members who take advantage of them.

— Terresa (Terry) McKay

Since its creation, SROA has provided my colleagues and me with a much-needed group of like-minded peers. In a field as small as ours, SROA membership is invaluable.

— Carolyn Gilleland

SROA is so much more than our outstanding annual meeting. It offers a network to support our professional effectiveness wherever we work...

— Eduardo Mercado

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