Transformative Leadership During COVID-19

August 24th, 11am-12pm ET
Speakers: Debra Corbin & Jana Grienke

Members- complimentary

Link to register: Transformative Leadership During COVID-19

The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19 is one of the more unpredictable health crises we have faced in recent times. Radiation Oncology is situated at a uniquely precarious intersection between the desire to safeguard a vulnerable patient population while providing necessary treatment in a timely manner so as to not compromise oncologic outcomes. I paradigm-shifting adaptations is imperative for Radiation Oncology Leaders to address workflows in these challenging times.

Goal: This session will highlight some leadership best practices to navigate the adaptive challenges we have faced in Radiation Oncology administration.

Objective 1: Real-time workflow adaptations

Objective 2: Billing/coding guidelines

Objective 3: Clinic risk mitigation strategies

Welcoming Millennials to your Work Team

September 23rd, 2pm-3pm ET
Speaker: Bette Lawrence-Water

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Link to register: Welcoming Millennials to your Work Team

Proper onboarding of new employees is an important investment. It helps new staff develop their skills, knowledge, and value within the organization. Most Millennials are technically skilled and can bring many advantages to the emerging needs of an organization. Millennial Onboarding, however, is a specialized type of employee onboarding and brings a need to tweak the process to better suit the needs of the organization and its new hires. The result will be increased productivity and a happier and more skilled workforce. The new hire phase, where the newcomer "learns the ropes" and gets settled is a critical time for the employee and organization. Developing a structured set of procedures can make this time run smoother and produce a greater chance of success. This webinar defines onboarding, discusses the characteristics of Millennials, and helps jumpstart the process of onboarding younger workers within an intergenerational workplace. Participants will take away an action plan for building and enhancing exceptional teams."

Goal: This interactive and engaging presentation aims to help managers and their teams better understand the Millennial worker and how to facilitate an onboarding process that is authentic, creative, and enjoyable for all in a multi-generational environment.

Objective 1: Define onboarding and discuss the characteristics of Millennials

Objective 2: Explore strategies to development of onboarding process for Millennials

Objective 3: Develop an action plan for working with Millennials


Navigating Quality and Performance Improvement

November 18th, 11am-12pm ET
Speaker: Rayna M. Scott

Members- complimentary

Link to register: Navigating Quality and Performance Improvement

The increased importance of health care quality requires organizations to perform at levels that enable them to remain competitive while meeting patient expectations and maximizing reimbursement. This material is presented as a discussion about some of the ways healthcare professionals from all disciplines can contribute to the success of quality and performance improvement programs at their organizations. There are practical approaches that do not require extensive time commitments and can be easily learned, adapted and implemented in most areas.

Objective 1: Describe quality performance improvement requirements in healthcare organizations.

Objective 2: Identify activities that most health professionals can participate in.

Objective 3: Motivate audience to participate in quality and performance improvement initiatives.


How to Leverage Your Residents in Radiation Oncology

December 7th, 12pm-1pm ET
Speakers: Brenda Marie Palo, Tina Roberts, & Jennifer Kellogg

Members- complimentary

Link to register: How to Leverage Your Residents in Radiation Oncology

Review with the participants key strategies or tools to implement, which support residents beyond their clinical care responsibilities.

Goal: To share our best practices on how to support your residents during their training.

Objective 1: Provide Comprehensive Support Residents

Objective 2: Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

Objective 3: Understand the importance of a dedicated Program Coordinator and Other Pathways for Support


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